Mandy and Tiffany discuss their next African Adventure



Mandy and Tiffany at Old Sheldon Church in South Carolina


Tiffany at Old Sheldon Church in South Carolina


You're looking at your suitcases, reviewing in your mind if you packed everything. You check the suggested packing list again, you double check your documents and your watch. 


We all do it, we all second guess. Did you remember to pack this, do we have that, what about this; just in case. 


You haven't had to worry about whether or not your plans are in place. Because working with Dream Planning Pros, you know we've taken care of the fine details. We've already confirmed your flights, transfers, hotel and tours. All you’ve had to do is the packing, we've done the planning. 


You're almost on your way to that adventure, and can't wait to get started. Whether it's an amazing journey that includes river cruising, local markets and historical tours. Or maybe it's trekking through the rain forest with zip lining and ATV's in your future.  No matter, you know you're all set! 

So off you go, ready to make memories and enjoy your time away. 


We spend the time, energy and effort making sure your vacation is personalized to you. We treat you like beloved family members. Because we're not only creating customized itineraries, we're building a relationship with you. This is what we love most about our business, the people we get to know and work with everyday. We work hard to make sure your time away is exactly what you want. You deal with deadlines, family and many other stressors everyday. There’s no need to add anything more to your already overloaded day. 


Travel should be about exploration, discovery and enjoyment. These are the same things we look for in our vacations and create in yours. That's what we do here at Dream Planning Pros, we plan specifically for you! We are here to listen, plan and work with you to help create your destination dream. 


Check out our dream planners and reach out, we’re always looking to expand our family and help create adventures for you. And because we are a family here, either of us are able to help with your destination request.


Meet Mandy


For me, travel is very personal, it honestly changed my life, and continues to change it as the years go by. Getting out of my small town opened my eyes to the wide world around me and has ultimately led to a life of many homes. You see, I’m a military spouse, and not only is traveling my passion it is also my lifestyle. We travel for fun, but we also move a lot! Being able to approach each new location as an adventure, not a trial, gives me a unique “life lens” and I bring that approach to planning for you.

Mandy Pullin - Dream Planner

Since my family operates on a different timeline from most people, our trips now range from fun-filled “run-cations” to relaxing cruising. Sometimes we have a long time to plan and other times we only have a week to put a trip together. Because of our unique lifestyle, military families tackle the world a little differently. Throughout our journey in service, we have met families who have lived and worked all over the world. This almost always gives them a passion for seeing and experiencing the world but also making a difference while they’re there. That’s how I feel about travel too. Relaxation and fun experiences are often the primary goal, but my spirit yearns to know that I’m “doing good” by being there. My strong need to be of service is what drives me in my role as your advisor as well.

Another thing that impacts my advisor style is I am a born and bred southern girl. Southern Hospitality, in the true sense of the word, means that I treat you like a lifelong friend and I’m very straightforward about all things.  


My mother has always said, “She’s never met a stranger” and that still continues today. I’m an open book, and I treat my clients the same way.  

Creating adventures that leave you with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime is always my goal. Adventures of a lifetime, making a difference at home or abroad, climbing mountains or sailing seas, I can take you there. This could be the beginning of a lifelong, and life-changing, relationship!  Truly, that’s my goal for us, to develop a friendship through travel and like any good friend, I’ll always have your back. 


So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat today and plan your next adventure.

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Watt - Dream Planner


You're standing in the middle of the city center in Paris, France. It's 4 days before Christmas and the city is alive with holiday excitement. It's late on a Sunday afternoon, and you’re seeing all the sights you can before you have to depart. You receive an email notifying you that your train back to London has been canceled. This is the 2nd time your train has been canceled, in as many days. And you have a flight leaving London tomorrow heading back to the US. Que, panic mode now!  You rush to Charles de Gaulle airport in hopes of trying to get a flight to London that night. It's late and the only options are to fly the next day. What was just an overnight trip to Paris from London, has turned into a 3 day adventure and counting. 


I lived this very scenario, and that’s why I’m here. We cultivate relationships with our clients and we're here when you need us, no matter the situation.

Having this happen to me, prior to becoming a travel advisor, and having made these plans on our own. I know how feeling lost, frustrated and worried in a foreign country can be. This is why I’m available before, during and after your travels. Building relationships with you is a huge priority, knowing what you want, how you like to travel and who you are, helps me to create personalized adventures for you. We are creating more than just a trip, it's your memories.


Things like this can change the perspective of a trip. But also knowing things aren't always going to go perfectly, but it's still possible to have a perfectly wonderful adventure. And you have someone in your corner helping you through any surprise issues.

So, now you know a little about my travel history and what motivates me. Let’s just jump to the best part, where do you want to go? Let's get started, I can’t wait to see what your next adventure will be!

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